Etiquette Club

Ever thought of yacht club membership with inclusive yacht access?….Well now you can easily have your private cruise with our awesome season packages which are also customized to fit your specific needs…

Choose your yacht club membership level… priced at a simple low monthly fee or annual membership rate…a cruise coordinator is on standby to ensure your private cruise vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

Common to all packages is the unique availability and tailored cruise destinations with your personal captain…throughout the boating season, April thru September, exciting destinations are chosen by management and our captains…..and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To register, click the icon below; to obtain further information please call (877) 323 2552.

Our four different yacht club memberships are:

Foundation club

Etiquette for kids Club

Tired of the same scenery every day during summer? Join our kids club on Fridays for Summer fun, exercise, Jet skiing, secret cove discoveries and much more! Good for ages 7 and up , May thru September.

To join click below. For more information call (877) 323 2552

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